Monday, October 24, 2005

Men In Black Pour A Comeback

As rain poured down U.S. Cellular Field on a cold damp night, the men dressed in Black & White staged an unforgettable World Series comeback, while another man dressed in all black, saw black & white.

Umpire Jeff Nelson (not the pitcher) clearly missed the call when he ruled a 3-2 pitch grazed the hand/forearm of Jermaine Dye, when the ball in fact struck his bat. "He thought at the time that he made the right call and he thought it in his heart," baseball spokesman Pat Courtney said after speaking with plate umpire Jeff Nelson.

"I'm not going to tell him I fouled it off," Dye said. "Just go to first and, hopefully, we get a big hit and we did."

And what a BIG HIT it was. Because then Paul (gonna get me a 5 year 65 million dollar contract) Konerko, came up with a big time hit in grandslam-fashion as he smashed the first pitch he saw from relief piticher Chad Qualls, clearing the bases, igniting the crowd of 41,432 soaking wet screaming fans into a "PAULEY"
chant worthy of a double curtain call.

"He's got nasty stuff, that guy," Konerko said. "He threw it exactly where I was looking."

A week earlier, Konerko was selected MVP of the AL Championship Series win over the Los Angeles Angels. Two days later, his wife gave birth to their first child, Nicholas.

But Houston answered right back in the top of the 9th inning when Manger Phil Garner inserted super-utility man, Jose Vizcaino, to provide some World Series heroics of his own, when he poked an opposite field 2 RBI base hit to left field, that tied the game at 6-6, off White Sox now-touchable closer Bobby Jenks.

Enter Brad Lidge - Ball Exit Scott Podsednik

Just as Tim McFly from Fox warns all of us that Brad Lidge no longer has a bad taste in his mouth from surrendering a game winning bomb to Albert Pujols in game 5 of the NLCS, he serves up seconds to Podsednik just minutes after Houton tied up the game at 6-6 in the top of the 9th.

"I don't think anyone in the ballpark was thinking about me hitting the ball out of the ballpark," Podsednik said. (including me)

One home run came from a big bopper, who hit 40 during the regular season. The other from Podsednik, who didn't get his first of the year until the postseason opener against Boston.

"I'm pretty crazy, so to speak, a little superstitious," Podsednik said. "I'm using something different up there just about every week."

Crazy it was as Scott Podsednik entered his name in the World Serious book of Baseball history that would make Jake & Elwood Blues, whose home address is listed as Wrigley Field, dance in the streets of the South Side of Chicago while singing, "We're on a mission from Oz."

I'm On A Mission To Blog

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank America Online's Senior Sports Manager, Jaime Rottram, of (SBL) Sports Bloggers Live's Web-radiocast, for selecting & announcing me & my 'Baseball Banter' as Rookie Blog of the Week.

I started listening to Jaime's web-radio show two months ago...and not only is his 'Hardball Bloggers' the first blog I ever read, I had never even heard of BLOG'S until then.

I'd also like to thank Jaime for inspiring me to start my 'Baseball Banter' blog because I used to write a lot of short stories when I was younger, and for the last 7 years I've been concentrating on songwriting.

But writing my own Baseball Blog has brought a sense of joy I have not experienced since High School.

I'd also like to thank American Online for believing in Jaime & his blogg-headed ideas, the entire staff of SBL for providing us members with your biweekly web/radiocasts...and I'd like to thank all my friends & family for encouraging to never give up my passion for writing that comes more from my heart than my head.

Jaime, you are simply The King of Blogs.

Very truly yours,

Backwards K

Update On My Mother's New
Johnny Damon
My Mom has the hots for Neal Cotts:
Which is fitting because her blog-headed son's name is Scott.

Confessions Of A Blogg-head
Another installment of 'Tales of Two Bloggers'

Dear Anonymous Proofreader:

In my October 21st Blog entry, I spelled "Piniella" correctly, so please excuse my typo in Oct.23rd's entry.

In addition, in 1981, the Fleer Baseball Trading Card Co. spelled Graig Nettles' name "Craig" by error, thus creating a frenzy which drove the price of the card from a nickel to 20 bucks. At least I didn't print 5000 first-run copies like they did.

Perhaps I should change the spelling correction made in his first name back to 'Craig' instead of "Graig" so that one day my Blog will be worth more too ;)

After all, you wasted your precious time to read & correct me...then, so eloquently told me to "get a clue!" That must make my Blog worth reading.

And the only reason why I don't have a "proofreader" currently on staff is due to the fact, I simply cannot afford one (any interns out there looking to work for free? ;)

(to read more about our original exchange, check out the "comments" under my October 23rd entry)

And if anyone out there would like to read more about baseball, how not to misspell "Piniella & Graig" and, how to "get a clue"...I suggest reading the Mysterious Anonymous Proofreader's anonymous Blog.

Tomorrow I'll Announce The Queen of Blogs


Blogger Backwards K said...

Dear Anonymous Professor Proofreader,

I'm tired & going to bed.

Can you please proofread my blog for any incorrect spellings of first & last names?

Your efforts are greatly appreciated :)

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