Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wake up America cause there's a new sheriff in town. His name isn't Bagwell or Biggio. His name isn't Clemems or Pettitte. His name isn't Morgan, Lance, Brad nor Jason. You can simply call him Roy:

Tonight as I watched game 6 of the 2005 NLCS, I kept asking myself the same question- 'whose getting who to shut up more, Roy Oswalt as he silences the once lumberjack bats of the St. Louis Cardinals & their fans. Or Albert Pujols' game winning homerun missile that quieted the entire state (and mind) of Houston, Texas?' The answer was quite obvious to me for the night belonged to Roy & the Boys, as they were on their way to beating the Cards 5-1, earning the Astros franchise its first NLCS Championship in 42 years...and their very first trip to the World Series.

In coming weeks, Pujols' sonic-blast will be remembered as just another game winning home run that fell short of winning the NLCS, while the Cards & their fans had less then 48 hours to celebrate & bask in the sun underneath the Arch of St. Louis.

Remember that world "momentum" we've heard everyone talking about the Cardinals had for the last 2 days?
Well, tonight, Sheriff Roy Oswalt took the mound with an orange star embroidered on his chest & said 'momentum-schmometum' and threw seven solid innings of 3-hit baseball surrendering only one run on a sacrifice fly, as he cruised on by all the aces & kings of the Cards, making them look like jokers.

From the very first inning, it appeared Oswalt was on top of his game as he relied on his 94-plus MPH fastball while he changed speeds every now & then -- then after he struck out the unforgettable hero of game 5, Albert Pujols, Oswalt never really gave the Cardinal Fans anything to cheer about again.

Normally, sheriff''s offer rewards for hauling in such fierce offenders. But tonight, Oswalt was rewarded as the NCLS MVP for brilliantly handling his opponents, as he pitched his heart out, just like a great workhorse does.

Tonight I was hoping Brad Lidge would get a chance to take center-stage and pitch the 9th inning, giving him a chance to get back on his horse that Albert Pujols knocked him off so swiftly.

But tonight belonged to a guy whose won 59 regular season games over the course of the last 3 years. Tonight belongs to a guy who most people never heard of. Tonight Roy Oswalt cleaned house in St. Louis.

And as the Houston Astros & Sheriff Roy blow into the town of Chicago's Windy City to begin the 2005 World Series...Roy Oswalt is baseball's newest household name.

(for Nolan Ryan & J.R. Richards)


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you have a nutural writing style that's funny & original while stating the facts. Keep up the good work.

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WOW! what a great article/story. I'm going to forward your blog to all the baseball fans I know.


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