Saturday, October 22, 2005

'Twis The Night Before
The World Series

When the season initially started
I predicted 7 of the 8 Divisional Champs
Giving a slight edge to the Minnesota Twins
It was Chicago who went to the dance

Then one sunny September day
With my Dad at an Angels game
He asked who will go to the World Series
I had Angels & Cards still stuck on my brain

Those were the two teams I selected
Way back when during April's Showers
They appeared to have the best pitching staffs
Their lineups filled with veterans & power

A lot of things can happen in 5 months
When you play a 162 games
In June the Astros were 15 out in last place
Texas Rangers stood in the Halos way

The White Sox came charging out
No need to ever look back
Except for one minor losing streak
They gave the Indians a fighting chance

All of the so called baseball experts
Predicted an Astros mid-July fire-sale
The Killer B's were rumored to be traded
By trade-deadline not a single man had been dealt

I commend Houston's organization
For sticking with their big, old & young guns
They fought their way back into a pennant race
If only Roger Clemens' Mom lived to see all the fun won

'Twis the night before the 2005 World Series
All the Astros are now in Chicago's house
In less then 24 hours I will be planted
Sprouting & cheering on the couch

Without a trace of Tim Jabber-Jaw McFly
And his sidekick Joe shut-the-*uck-up Buck
I'll be listening to ESPN's delayed airwaves
Wishing the Astros & White Sox good luck.

(prediction: pick'em in 7 games)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting poem. I like it.

2:47 AM  

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