Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bartolo Colon today was named the American League Cy Young Award winner. Colon received 17 of the 28 first-place votes and was second on the other 11 ballots, finishing with 118 points. Mariano Rivera received eight first-place votes and was second with 68 points. Johan Santana, who should have won his second straight award, received three first-place votes and finished with 51 points. The voters just couldn't overlook the fact that Colon was credited with 21 victories. Santana beat him in ERA 2.87 to 3.48, and the Twins actually had a better record in Santana's starts than the Angels did in Colon's.

In addition, Santana's WHIP was 0.98 to Colon's 1.16

Santana's K/BB ratio was 238/45 in 232 innings pitched
Colon's line, 157/43/223

Hitters batted .210 off Santana to .254 against Colon
And I find it very hard to believe that five of the voters failed to select Santana in their top three -- shame on them.
Received this email from Evito today
yo K, no real surprise with colon getting chosen (eventhough he wasn't the best pitcher in the league). after we hooked up a few weeks ago, i looked at carpenter and willis, and it definitely looks like carpenter will take it. surprisingly though, willis' era was actually lower than carpenter's (2.63 to2.83), and dontrelle won one more game than chris, but carpenter had him beat in most of the other categorieslike whip, strikeouts, winning percentage, etc. but i think the vote will be closer in the nl anyway. also, carpenter received over half a run per game more support than willis, and that's significant too. should be an interesting vote. i'd say arod's got the al mvp, but the nl could be close between pujols, lee and jones.
what do you think?
hope you're doing well,
I think
Ev is right about everything & I couldn't agree with him more.
When we hooked up for the last game of the World Series, I mentioned to him that I felt Carpenter was going to win the NL Cy Young but Evito felt it should be
awarded to Willis. I stated the reasons that he mentioned above. So it looks like Ev's now going with Carpenter too.
The MVP winner for the AL is going to be quite interesting. Though I'm very partial to my Red Sox & David (Big Papi) Ortiz, I'm gonna have to go with A-Rod too.
My decision has nothing to do with the fact that Ortiz plays DH because Jim Rice won the AL MVP in 1978 while playing a majority of his games at DH.
I'm going with A-Rod because he put up better numbers pretty much all across the board...his Yankees outplayed the BOSOX when it counted the most...and he did play some stellar defense at 3rd base, winning a Gold Glove.
In the NL it's one of the toughest calls I've had to make since Mo Vaughn beat out Albert Belle for the AL MVP in 1995 -- the difference there being that Albert Belle is a punk, and character does have something to do with winning the award.
But D-Lee, A-Pujols & A-Jones all have great character...and all three put up solid MVP-caliber seasons.
Lee produced like a hitting-machine from start to finish, while playing for a slightly below .5oo team. And Pujols & Jones played for division winners.
Jones doesn't have the "batting average" (.263) most MVP winners have, but neither did Kirk Gibson when he won the NL MVP in 1988 with a .290 AVG. 24 homers, and only 76 RBI's. But Gibson wasn't going up against guys that had years like Lee & Pujols did.
But when it comes down do it, I'm going to have to go with Derek Lee because he won the batting title (.335) he hit 46 homers, had 107 RBI's for a team that didn't score too many runs, he had 199 hits, 50 doubles, and ended up only seven total bases shy of the 400-magic number.
Yet which ever one of these three men win's the AL MVP, they're all deserving. So we'll just have to wait, see & read.


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