Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Brewers Bringing Back Robin Yount Brings Back Some Good Ole Childhood Memories

I've never been a beer man. But ever since I was a kid, I always had my left eye on the Milwaukee Brewers. I mean, how could you not like Harvey's Wallbangers & some of those powerhouse teams of the early 80's?

If the Brewers teams of the early eighties were playing today, they'd not only be competing with the Yankees & Red Sox for the American League Eastern Division, they'd probably be one of the most colorful & charismatic teams in the Majors.

I remember growing up how much I looked up to those guys, and it wasn't hard not to like them even though they once played in the same division as my beloved Boston Red Sox.

I loved pretending I was Cecil Cooper batting, whenever my friends & I would play pick up games -- with the way he used to lean back in the box with his bat & hands way back like Rod Carew -- slapping balls all over the field. I actually not only thought I was him, I even thought I was black.

And how could you not like guys like Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, Ted Simmons, Larry Hisle, Gorman Thomas, Ben Oglivie, Jim Gantner, Pete Vuckovich & Rollie Fingers? They weren't just All-Stars...they were classy team players.

Even some of the lesser known guys like Moose Haas, Don Money, Sixto Lezcano, Bob McClure, Charlie Moore & Ed Romero helped fit the molds of Genuine Draft, Old Milwaukee Beer guzzlin' Brewers.

They were the New York Yankees of today -- lots & lots of big name talent yet no championships.

They were like bands of rock stars that were on tour for Ozzfest or the Warped Tour.

They were ordinary guys that you'd meet at a local bar or at the bowling alley down the street in a Tuesday night league.

And ooh were they good all right...and they knew it. But they were larger than life likable guys without an ounce nor trace of attitude & arrogance that seems to fill the Major Leagues today.

With yesterday's signing of Robin Yount as Bench Coach, the Brew Crew is now trying to restore some tradition.

I'm not saying the current Milwaukee Brewers can compare to those teams of the early 80's. But how many teams can say they have a member of their coaching staff who played his entire 20 year Hall of Fame career with the same team?

I can't think of any offhand (Cal Ripken could for the Baltimore Orioles if he were to come back as a coach)

Last year the Brewers played .500 baseball for the first time in over a decade. Their field manager, Ned Yost, was once a member of the team as a catcher in 1980-1983.

They just extended the contract of Executive Vice President and General Manager Doug Melvin through the 2009 season.

Their Bullpen Coach of 13 years, Bill Castro, was a pitcher for the organization from 1974-1980.

They recently signed Dale Sveum who played shortstop for the team in 1986-1991 as their Third Base Coach.
11 players from the current 25 man roster are home grown products of the Brewers farm system, and 5 others who were involved in trades or acquisitions, came up through their Minor Leagues.

Their owner, Mark Attanasio, has done nothing but good things for the team, organization & the Milwaukee community since purchasing the team two years ago from the Selig family

I'm not saying just because the Milwaukee Brewers brought back Robin Yount it's going to change everything.

I'm simply saying now everyone on that team & entire organization has more of a reason to work & bust those butts a little harder because now they have something they were lacking before -- A mentor.
Take some notes from the Brew Crew on how to restore some tradition & values back into your Dodger Blues.


Blogger Backwards K said...

Dear Mysterious Anonymous Proofreader:

I corrected the spellings of the two names long before I even read your inappropriate comments
(which I deleted)

In addition, I DID NOT FORGET about mentioning "George Bamberger" -- that was not the theme of the story.

Perhaps you misread how I'm referring to the MILWAUKEE BREWERS OF THE EARLY 80's.
The players I'm referring to all played for "Harvey's Wallbangers."

I'm so sorry I couldn't write a story about YOUR childhood...

And if you ever played baseball or any sport for that matter competitively, you'd know that "busting your butt"
is an expression -- not sexual you homophobic.

Nonetheless, I really appreciate you stopping by again. You obviously enjoy reading my blog on a regular basis :)

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Blogger Backwards K said...

PS - I had lunch with Gramma K the other day - she ordered the Pad Thai ;)

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